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7 Most extreme motorcyle records no one can repeat

Extreme speed, sky-high power, and incredible stunts – there’s just something about not only being on a motorcycle but also watching them in action that just really gets our engines going!

When you add jaw-dropping records done with these two-wheeled speed machines into the mix, then you’re in for one thrilling ride! I mean, just imagine trying to pull off… Here are 7 Most extreme motorcyle records no one can repeat:

1. The Longest Moto Journey Ever.

The romance and excitement of the open road in front of you and all your worries behind your back. There is one man that can confirm this feeling of utter freedom at any time.

The Longest Moto Journey Ever
The Longest Moto Journey Ever

His name is Emilio Scotto, and he’s a photojournalist and writer that traveled a mind-blowing 457,000 miles around the world on his motorcycle. The trip started in 1985 in Buenos Aires, Argentina where Scotto was living at the time.

On his Honda Goldwing Interstate dubbed “Black Princess,” he visited about 232 countries and took over 90,000 photos of our beautiful planet. He even managed to get married to his girlfriend Monica Pino in New Delhi, India in 1991.

Since then, his wife rode as his copilot for the rest of the 10-year trip until its conclusion in 1995. It took 12,500 gallons of gasoline, 350 gallons of oil, 13 filled-up passports, 9 seat replacements, and 2 engines to make this epic journey. Boy I know my butt would have worn out several times over! In 2007, Scotto published a book about his travels called The Longest Ride filled with pictures and details of his route. Sounds like a great read!

2. Look Ma, No Hands!

Those are last words if I ever heard them. Riding great distances on a bike is one thing but going for a marathon without touching the handlebars is something completely different! While the nickname “No Hands Man” may be somewhat questionable when you first hear it, Phil Comar earned this strange title after breaking the world record for the longest continuous hands-free ride on a motorcycle.

Look Ma, No Hands
Look Ma, No Hands

The ride went on for 588 miles. Imagine riding a motorcycle from Dallas, Texas to Albuquerque, New Mexico without touching the handles! How is that even possible? Well, his Harley-Davidson was supplied with an extra 11-gallon fuel tank and modified in such a way that Comar didn’t need to use the throttle on the handlebar and was able to control the speed with his legs only.

3. The Longest Wheelie.

If you think that only high-end racing bikes can accomplish something incredible, you might want to think twice. Some prefer to start small and then aim for the stars. Take, for instance, Masaru Abe, a famous Japanese scooter enthusiast that was the first in the world to ride a little Yamaha Jog for 310 miles continuously… on one wheel!

The Longest Wheelie
The Longest Wheelie

At the speed he was going, it took him 13 hours to pull it off! And if you’re thinking an aching back and legs were his biggest worries, they actually weren’t. Given the size of this scooter, it just couldn’t go that long without running out of gas.

So Abe’s team brought it to him and filled the tank right on the go! The previous record holder was also a Japanese rider, Yasuyuki Kudo, who was able to ride on one wheel for 206 miles in 1991. “Kudos” to him, huh? His record wasn’t beaten until 2017, when Masaru Abe came along and smashed it!

4. The One Wheeled Speed Monster.

The longest wheelie on a scooter is an astonishing achievement. But the word “motorcycle” itself speaks of speed and power, so other motor enthusiast have also tried to break the record for the fastest wheelie.

The One Wheeled Speed Monster
The One Wheeled Speed Monster

Actually, there’s a whole annual Motorcycle Wheelie World Championship held at the abandoned Elvington Airfield in North Yorkshire, England. Motorcyclists have been competing here for over 14 years now, so it’s no wonder this is the place where legends and records are born. With a top speed of 218 mph, the fastest wheelie was achieved by Ted Brady in 2017.

Turbo-charged - Suzuki Hayabusa
Turbo-charged – Suzuki Hayabusa

For this record, he turbo-charged his Suzuki Hayabusa for extra power, which obviously paid off. No one has been able to reach that speed since, but the competition continues as others try to break Brady’s record by hitting what they deem a very plausible 220 mph wheelie.

Well, good luck to ya! Oh yeah, and it’s probably worth mentioning the Scandinavian answer to the fastest one-wheel ride on a motorcycle. It’s the same thing, only on ice! With spikes on the tires of his BMW S 1000 XR, Swedish motorcycle racer Robert Gull reached 128 mph on the ice while popping a wheelie. Since 2015, this record still holds up!

5. Surfing Motorcycle.

Riding on ice? That’s too easy! Try riding on liquid water and catching a wave instead! At least that’s probably what famous daredevil Robbie Maddison was thinking when decided to try and make a dirtbike ride on water! Mounting skis to the bike seemed to be the easiest part of the whole plan.

Surfing Motorcycle
Surfing Motorcycle

The hardest part was probably learning how to ride this newly born aquatic monstrosity. Even though Madison is a master stunt rider, he did struggle to handle the bike. After all, this thing could only stay on top of the water at a speed of 30 mph and higher. Any slower, and Madison’s “mad” invention would sink to the bottom!

6. The Longest Flight on a Motorcycle.

Ice riding – check. Water riding – check! The only thing left is flying in the air. Fortunately, motorcyclists do that all the time! And, yet again, stuntman Robbie Maddison holds the record for this too. In 2008, he flew over a distance of 351 feet (and successfully landed it!) at Calder Park Raceway in Melbourne, Australia.

The Longest Flight on a Motorcycle
The Longest Flight on a Motorcycle

He skyrocketed from a ramp going 103 mph and topped a dizzying 65-foot height during the stunt. When people ask Maddison how he does such things, he answers that he just feels what angle the ramp needs to be at and what speed needs to be reached for a jump to be made. The hardest part for him is landing – he’s had a lot of back surgeries throughout his career. His hero poster probably decorates more orthopedic offices than he cares to count! Hmm. That’s all the more reason to leave this stuff to the pros, folks!

7. Flipping the Stunt Game.

There was a long period of time when racers and stunt performers thought that a double backflip on a motorcycle is just impossible. But I bet they’re all eating their words now knowing that someone did a triple backflip! The name of this fearless hero is Josh Sheehan, also known as The Unicorn for his unique and unmatched skills.

Flipping the Stunt Game
Flipping the Stunt Game

In 2015 at Pastranaland in Maryland, he flipped a new page in the history of motorcycle stunts. And in case you were wondering, yes, that place is named in honor of Travis Pastrana, who was the first to ever land a double backflip, which is considered challenging enough even to this day!

Well, now that this new record has been born, can we expect a Sheehanland next? Just an idea! So which of these records would you be interested in breaking if you could? Let me know down in the comment section! Don’t forget to rate this article “7 Most extreme motorcyle records no one can repeat” and share it with your friends!

Credit: Bright Side

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