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If you get this plant at home, it might relieve stress and anxiety

Do you have houseplants where you live or work? If your answer is “no”, be careful – after you read this article and realize they don’t only soothe your eye but can boost your productivity and reduce anxiety, you might just add some greenery to your decor!

1. Jasmine reduces anxiety and depression.

What comes to your mind when you hear Jasmine? A Disney princess that was excited to see a whole new world? Well, jasmine the plant can also show you a whole new world; one without anxiety and depression. According to German scientists from Ruhr University, jasmine’s aroma has amazing healing properties for your emotional condition.

You see, there are a lot of toxins in the air these days, and they are one of the reasons so many people experience stress and anxiety. Jasmine improves the quality of air inside your home or office, and breathing in its soothing aroma can help improve your mood and help get rid of other mental health issues like panic attacks.

Jasmine reduces anxiety and depression
Jasmine reduces anxiety and depression

German scientists tested these properties of jasmine on mice. After smelling the beautiful aroma for a little while, they proved to be way less agitated than usual. The scientists then assumed jasmine could serve as a good alternative to strong medications.

They looked at the scans of mouse brains and saw a positive effect on nerve cells. So, if you’re looking for a natural way to reduce anxiety, boost your mood and alertness, and even balance hormones, plant some jasmine at your office desk or on your window sill and breathe in deeply.

And, if you also want a healthy, effective alternative to sleeping pills, try jasmine essential oil. It has been known to work miracles for this function for centuries! Jasmine needs porous soil and no direct sunlight to thrive.

2. Snake plants lift your productivity levels.

Are you familiar with that feeling when you come to the office and you want to be productive but just can’t focus on anything? It might actually be something in the air, or a lack of something. A 2014 joint study by British and Dutch scientists points out that that “something” might be the right plants. It turns out, your green potted friends play a bigger role in your professional life than you might think!

Snake plants lift your productivity levels
Snake plants lift your productivity levels

The research team compared productivity levels at green and lean offices in their countries for several months and found that plant-free office environments have staff that’s 15% less productive. It looks like plants don’t just add beauty and coziness to office environments, but also work as natural productivity boosters as they improve air quality which has a direct correlation with energy levels.

Similar to jasmine, snake plant emits a soothing smell that helps in the struggle with deadlines and common office stress. If you don’t believe scientists, you might believe feng shui, which has impacted the lives of millions for centuries.

It says that a snake plant in the right place can work miracles in producing protective and purifying energy. On top of that, snake plants can help if you suffer from eye irritations, headaches or have breathing problems. And, it’s a great low-maintenance plant that’s basically impossible to kill.

3. English ivy, mass cane, and gerbera purify the air.

Clean and fresh air is a universal healer and soother for any condition. After all, we all seek it every now and then. NASA scientists are definitely the people who know its true value since you don’t get much of it in space, you know. So, they did research on the air improving properties of indoor plants back in 1989.

English ivy, mass cane, and gerbera purify the air
English ivy, mass cane, and gerbera purify the air

And, they came up with a list of powerful natural air filters that can decrease the levels of harmful benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde. You’ll be surprised to hear about this one as an indoor plant, but you can actually keep English ivy inside and make it work for you as an air purifier. It’s especially great at absorbing airborne mold, and it’s important for people with allergies.

One thing you should remember about it, is that it loves sunshine and slightly dry soil, so if you decide to get one, make sure it gets enough of both. If you’re looking for a plant that’s easy to keep, modest-looking and even more effective than English ivy, mass cane or corn cane could be your best bet. It’s been shown to be the most effective at removing formaldehyde from the air.

It hates direct sunlight and doesn’t need much water whatsoever, so keep it’s green and yellow leaves away from the sun and it’ll work its magic for you. Those who prefer plants that actually bloom and brighten the room will be happy to hear gerbera daisy also performed great on the NASA tests! It proved to be the most effective at cleaning the air from benzene. It works as an oxygen producing factory at night and can even help people who suffer from sleep apnea on top of its air cleaning properties.

4. Aloe vera heals your skin.

Aloe vera is the plant that comes to mind for most people when you think of healthy and life-improving. It’s the key compound in many creams and ointments, meds and drinks. However, what you might not know is that you don’t have to buy it already processed to enjoy its health benefits.

Aloe vera heals your skin
Aloe vera heals your skin

Instead, you can keep it as a great-looking potted plant in your house and apply its gel-like juice directly to your skin. The juice is contained in the inner part of the leaf, so all you have to do is cut it to get it out. It’s been used for thousands of years to help treat all kinds of burns, frostbite, skin conditions and cold sores.

One important thing to remember about it is that you shouldn’t overwater it, as it prefers slightly dry soil. And as much as it loves the sun, it can burn in direct sunlight so you’ll have to be careful.

5. Lavender helps you sleep better.

Extremely good-looking, fantastic smelling and serious stress-relieving properties – it’s all true about lavender. After all, it’s not used in candles, bath salts and skin care products for nothing! It will make a great addition to any room in your house, but setting it in your bedroom will help you use its soothing properties to the fullest.

Lavender helps you sleep better
Lavender helps you sleep better

A 2013 study of the effect of lavender on the nervous system by German and Iranian scientists has shown it does great when it comes to making you less nervous, anxious, and restless. And, its smell has been proven to be a natural remedy for insomnia! Lavender loves lots of sunlight and deep watering, but you should only do it when the soil is almost dry.

6. Rosemary boosts your memory.

Have you ever heard that rosemary is a great natural memory-booster? Folk medicine has used it for these purposes for centuries, and in 2013 in a Northumbria University study it became scientifically-proven. It’s most effective in essential oil form, but simply smelling it also has a similar effect and can help you concentrate and memorize things easier.

Rosemary boosts your memory
Rosemary boosts your memory

Make sure you give it enough sunlight and water it extensively in the growing season, but not in the winter. Also, make sure to trim it after it flowers.

Do you keep any plants at home or in the office? Let me know in the comment section below! Don’t forget to rate this article “If you get this plant at home, it might relieve stress and anxiety“, share it with your friends!

Credit: Bright Side

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