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14 Etiquette babits a Well-Mannered person has

What’s your association with the word “etiquette”? Something old-fashioned, like gentlemen in top hats and ladies with teacups in their gloved hands? If you want to be perceived as a well-mannered, polite, and respected person, you might want to brush…

The only one habit that makes billionaires rich!

The only one habit that makes billionaires rich! Elon Musk. Warren Buffet. Mark Zuckerberg. You interested in joining the club of insanely rich and successful? Well, before you start counting your billions, you first gotta start thinking like a millionaire….

I Tried a 24-Hour Dopamine Fast, See How It Changed My Life

What would happen if you got rid of your phone, television, and the internet for a day? I know the answer to this question thanks to my 24-hour dopamine fast! It really did change my life perspective, but it’s better…