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This is what the richest don’t want you to KNOW

This is what the richest don’t want you to know. Do the rich people cringe and say “Don’t tell them that, Robert” Yes, yes “Don’t tell people what you know. Keep them poor” The moment I pay you, you think like an employee.

The moment you accept the paycheck, your brain goes dead. That’s the trap. Entrepreneurs work for free! As long as you’re hungry, you’ll think, The school system is designed to teach you to be an employee, or a doctor or a lawyer, a specialist. But never about money.

The poor will always be amongst us because it starts up here
The poor will always be amongst us because it starts up here

The poor will always be amongst us because it starts up here! It’s in their words and their words become flesh. But when they say “I can’t afford it”, or “I can’t do that” They go down. They become what they say. I meet so many people “I can’t afford it. You think I’m made up of money?” My PhD daddy says “What do you think I am? Made up of money? I can’t afford that” And my rich dad would say “That’s why he’s poor.”

Poor people say “I can’t afford it. I can’t do that. I don’t have time.” Because it is an escape! It’s an escape! It’s easy to say “I can’t afford it” or “I am too tired” or “I can’t go to the gym” When you could go to the gym, but “No, I can’t” Truth is that “I’m just too lazy to go to the gym.”

And your rich dad used to say what, instead of “I can’t afford it” How can I afford it? How can I do that? A question opens a mind, a statement closes the mind. So when you say “I can’t afford it” your mind shuts down and you become what you say.

People right now who are sitting at home, who are struggling financially or worried about money or are unhappy, they may be making a lot of money but are unhappy with what they’re doing, it was probably taught to you. Your super-ego was taught “Get a job work hard or a car”, or “You’ll never be rich”, or “The rich or evil”, or whatever! Poverty is passed on! It’s taught in your families.

And middle classes is taught in families. – Until you change your mindset, the money won’t help you, right? – Correct! And we see that with people who win the lottery, people that make more money. They still have the same problem, because they have that poor man’s soul. – Correct! If you’re poor, you’ll always be poor. That’s really hard for people to understand! Yes.

The money will disappear that fast. Just like most pro athletes. They make millions of dollars and 65% are bankrupt 5 years later. It’s because it comes from poor families. But, unfortunately, what Mr. Lipton was saying, it’s passed down genetically. That’s the frightening thing! If you don’t want to learn it, I can’t help you! I have bad luck too.

I’ve had financial crashes, I’ve had people stab me in the back. But they’re all good because I grow for them. That’s spirituality! People who are afraid of making mistakes like they teach in school. They don’t ever grow! Because spirituality is “There is good and there is bad. There is right and there is wrong. There is up and there is down.”

Most people only want to be right. Or they only want to be positive. Well, you can’t have that! That’s not reality! And the average person, the reason they’re poor is they haven’t failed. They play it so safe. They haven’t made any mistakes like they were taught in school.

That means they don’t learn anything! That’s why the school systems is actually fundamentally corrupt. It’s anti-education. But the average guy stands there and he’s like “Oh, I’m an A-student! I’m going to do this all by myself!” And when a bunch of rugby players run you over, “Well, they’re not playing fair!” You know what? You’re playing stupid! You should have a team.

You should have a counsey attorneys and bankers and all that stuff. “But that’s not the game I want to play” Then don’t play the game. A game of business is played with a counsel attorneys, bankers. I hate to say it, politicians. You know, you got to know the game.

 A game of business is played with a counsel attorneys, bankers
A game of business is played with a counsel attorneys, bankers

People say “Money is not that important to me.” Well, then if money is not that important to you, money is not important to you! You know what I mean… I don’t care about money. Money doesn’t care about you. The word does become flesh! or “I’ll never be rich” or the favorite one is “the rich are greedy!” It’s the poor that are greedy, if you think about it, because to be a rich, you have to give something.

I had to produce boxes and games and I purchase real estate, I provide housing, I provide jobs and all that. That’s why I’m rich. But greedy people produce nothing! Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge” But knowledge empowers imagination.

And what most people lack is real business knowledge, like accounting, like debt, like taxes, you got to know that stuff, but they don’t teach it in school, to anybody. You see most teachers in school, they’re out of ethics. They teach subjects they themselves don’t practice.

Because I understood what a fake teachers is. A fake teacher is somebody who just wants a job and they’ll teach anything. They teach you how to shine shoes and you’ll get paid more money, but they really don’t know about they’re teaching. In life, one of the things I suggested people, you got to find a real teacher versus a fake teacher.

And a fake teacher is somebody doesn’t do what they teach. And a real teacher is doing what they teach everyday. Our school systems are making us weaker. So in school they have this things called “triggering effects”. So you can’t, as a teacher, you can’t say anything that might upset the student. They don’t want anything that might jar their point of view.

You see people say “Why don’t you give the poor money?” The only problem with that is it creates more poor people! Give a man a fish, he fishes for the day, or eats for the day. You give a man a fish, you get a lot of people want more fish.

But you teach them to fish, we become creatures of our own habits! And until we break the habit, we don’t change! Our schools don’t teach that. Our school teach almost the exact opposite of that. And the average person, the reason they’re poor is they haven’t failed.

The second is real estate
The second is real estate

They play it so safe, they haven’t made any mistakes, like they were taught in school. That means they don’t learn anything. That’s why the school systems actually fundamentally corrupt. It’s anti education. So what I say to young people is you find your game! So my game financially, is business, number 1. The second is real estate.

And that’s why I pay no taxes. That’s why Trump based on taxes. Legally. It is a combination of business and real estate that gives us an unfair advantage over employees because they don’t know what to do. A lot of people would rather sit in the stands, than be in the game.

One of the greatest ways to acquire a great wealth is playing Monopoly in real life: Four green houses, one red hotel. Is that all there is? That’s it. Robert, if I can give you some kind of a magic phone and you could make a call to the 20 year-old Robert Kiyosaki, and give that young man a bit of advice, what would you tell him? I would say keep going, just do what you have to do.

Just elevate to the fullest life! Which I did! Nothing I ever did made sense. Could you imagine quitting $120,000 year job for $200 a month to go fight in Vietnam almost died? It didn’t make sense, but it was the best decision I made, at that time. And I think what most people do is they let their parents, or their friends talk them out of life They’re so afraid of failing.

But failing is how we succeed. You look at guys like Edison and all that He failed like 1014 times before he invented the light bulb. Our schools punish you for making mistakes. And that’s why we have so many people who are so afraid of admitting they make mistakes, or are afraid of failing.

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