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Why Young People Stopped Going to College?

This is reason Why young people stopped going to College? Were you born in the period from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s? Congrats! You belong to the mysterious Generation Z! You most likely started to use the internet, play with gadgets, and post on social media when still in a crib.

Good for you, but let’s have a look at what makes you so unique and different from other generations! The Snapchat Generation, iGen, Homelanders, The Rainbow Generation, and even The Realists — these are all nicknames for Generation Z. This generation’s purchasing power reaches a whopping $44 billion per year, and many brands would give anything to figure out Gen Zers. Let’s see if we can do it better than the marketing experts!

First of all, it seems that this new generation has already gained the reputation of the rational ones. Oh, don’t look so doubtful! See for yourself: Just a couple of years ago, vocational and technical schools were far from a graduate’s first choice.

Why Young People Stopped Going to College
Why Young People Stopped Going to College

Most young people wanted to go to colleges and universities to get those advanced degrees that promised success in life. Doesn’t that sound cool and inspiring? Well, yeah, at least until you start thinking about a looming student debt that can’t wait to be paid off. Add into the equation job market issues, and the future doesn’t look all that bright anymore. That’s where Gen Zers got it right.

They prefer to hone the skills that will later translate directly into their jobs. However revolutionary it may sound, more and more young people are choosing trade schools over college. It helps them kill 2 birds with one stone. On the one hand, they get the professional skills that will help them find a job right after finishing vocational school; they’ll also avoid the skyrocketing student debt crisis.

As you can see, young people nowadays prefer stable paychecks to the hypothetical prestige of particular professions. Isn’t that the most practical thing you’ve ever heard? But being practical isn’t the only feature that distinguishes Generation Z from other mortals. Here are several other facts proving that modern teenagers might be much more powerful and influential than their parents.

If you’re a Gen Zer, chances are you make way smarter use of your social media that the rest of the world. You probably don’t post anything that can discredit you later in life, preferring Snapchat and anonymous posting sites. What’s more, you have a habit of deleting your posts every now and then. You might not be someone who enjoys wasting money.

Gen Zers are known for their sensible approach to finances with 57% of young people saving money rather than spending it. Most representatives of Generation Z have serious financial goals — from paying for their education to buying a car or even their own house! You’re a native influencer, and you use the internet to reach your aims. You belong to the generation that has tons of sharing apps from YouTube to Instagram and Snapchat.

Most Gen Zers say that they can’t imagine their life without the internet and these popular platforms. They also admit that they might trust social media stars a little bit too much! On the bright side, if you belong to Generation Z, you have a seemingly inborn ability to become an influencer yourself. By the way, Generation Z watches 35% less TV in comparison to previous generations.

And that’s not all! They also spend 22% less time reading blogs on the internet. One more thing about being a Gen Zer: You don’t fall for a product ad unless it’s done with the use of technology and tells a story in a creative way. Oh, and brands need to get you interested within the first 8 seconds of a product presentation since it’s the best your attention span can do.

All in all, Generation Z is a digital generation. You may say that it’s yesterday’s news, but wait ‘til you hear this! Gen Zers don’t like being separated from their gadgets — even for short periods of time. You’re a true representative of this generation if you spend at least 11 hours a day on your social media and regret the weakness of a body that demands sleep.

Approximately 80% of Gen Z experience intense emotional distress if their electronic devices are taken away from them, and 90% would be crushed if their internet connection disappeared for an indefinite period of time. They say that technology makes them feel powerful and gives them a chance to believe that everything’s possible. But wait — that’s not all! To get a job, Gen Zers enthusiastically use social media and think that the times of traditional résumés are long gone.

Young People Stopped Going to College
Young People Stopped Going to College

About 59% of modern teens and young people don’t have anything against using Instagram when searching for employment. At the same time, only 21% of older generations consider this option. The same goes for Tumblr (with 17% against 3%) and Snapchat (with 56% compared to 9%). On top of that, more than half of Gen Zers purchase not only clothes but also books and electronics online.

While this piece may sound a bit controversial, Gen Z is surprisingly eager to communicate face-to-face. More than 53% of them choose video calls via Skype or FaceTime over emails and instant messages. Here’s some more good news for you: As a Gen Zer, you’re really fast and efficient with information. You know how to scan internet pages for the data you need. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you instantly move to another resource. You do it at lightning speed, which can make anybody from an older generation envious.

Also, kids today are doing better in school thanks to the internet. They integrate it into their social lives and study naturally and effortlessly. Gen Zers are also professional multitaskers. No wonder, since they multitask nonstop, and it has long become their lifestyle. And don’t say you’ve never fiddled with an online gadget while watching TV! Generation Z is also the most independent generation. Modern teens don’t have as much direct parental supervision as children did in the past.

Nowadays, there are more single-parent families and families where both parents work, and that’s why many kids attend daycare and learn to be independent. This independence may be the reason why more than 70% of Gen Zers dream of opening their own business. Even after finishing college, most of them want to be an entrepreneur rather than an employee. 76% of teenagers and young people hope that their hobby will one day turn into a full-time job.

A lot of Gen Zers state that they want their job to have some influence on the world. But wait! What about Generation Z values? Well, if you’re one of this influential group, you’re likely concerned about the human impact on the environment.

You might be willing to become a volunteer to gain work experience or be of use to our planet. Gen Zers are also more realistic than previous generations. They aren’t particularly eager to take risks when it comes to job opportunities, preferring security and stability in their finances. To a different extent, almost 60% of modern teenagers are worried about their future.

Which generation do you belong to? Sound off in the comments below!

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